1xbet KE: Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Definitions

The following Betting Rules of the bookmaker 1xBet (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) define the procedures for accepting bets, paying out winnings, and resolving disputes, as well as detailing the specific characteristics of certain bets on various sports. These Rules govern all interactions between the bookmaker 1xBet and the customer. The Rules are applicable to betting conducted both on the website and at 1xBet betting facilities.

General terms and definitions of 1xBet casino for players and users from Kenya
  • Bet – A risk-based agreement for potential winnings entered into between the customer and the bookmaker under the established Rules, wherein the fulfillment of the agreement is contingent upon the outcome of an event that has yet to be determined. Bets are accepted under the terms offered by the bookmaker.
  • Outcome – The result of the event(s) on which the bet was placed.
  • Customer – An individual who places a bet with the bookmaker on an outcome.
  • Bet Cancellation – A situation in which a bet is not settled and winnings are not paid. According to the Rules, in the event of a “bet cancellation,” the arrangement between the bookmaker and the customer is considered null, and the stake is refunded.
  • Regular Time – The duration of a match as regulated by the relevant sport, including any time added by the referee. Regular time does not include extra time, overtime, penalty shootouts, or similar extensions.

General Betting Rules

Acceptance of Bets

The bookmaker accepts bets based on a list of betting markets with odds reflecting the perceived probability of each outcome.

Minimum Stake

The minimum stake on any single selection is $0.30/€0.20.

Stake Limits

The minimum and maximum stakes are determined by the bookmaker for each selection separately. Maximum stake limits vary by sport and event. For accumulator (system) bets with different stake limits, the lowest maximum stake limit applies.

Maximum Return

The maximum return is limited to €50,000 (or the equivalent sum in a foreign currency) per bet.

Bookmaker Rights

The company reserves the right to limit the maximum stake and odds on specific markets, and to impose or lift restrictions on individual customers without notice or reason.

Multiple Bets

The bookmaker reserves the right to declare correctly predicted multiple bets void if the total amount of these stakes exceeds the set maximum limits. Such bets will be settled at odds of 1.00.

Bet Acceptance

A bet is considered accepted after registration on the server and online confirmation. Registered bets cannot be altered or revoked.

Account Balance

Bets are accepted only within the available balance on the customer’s account. Once registered, the stake is debited, and returns are credited after settlement.

Timing of Bets

Bets are accepted before the start of the event; any bet placed after the event has started will be void, except for in-play (live) bets.

Cancellation of Single Bets

If a single bet is canceled, the stake is refunded. For accumulators and system bets, canceled legs are excluded from the settlement.

Erroneous Settlements

Incorrectly settled bets will be recalculated. Bets placed between erroneous settlement and recalculation are valid. If recalculation results in a negative balance, no bets may be placed until a sufficient deposit is made.

Official Rescheduling or Cancellation

No sports event is considered rescheduled or canceled unless announced in official documents or on official websites of the event organizers or sports federations.

Misleading Information

Bets are canceled if customers deliberately mislead staff with false data or requests regarding betting, payouts, or event results. This rule also applies to minors and their parents.

Known Outcomes

Bets are canceled if placed on a known outcome after an event has finished but before results are updated.

Simultaneous Finish Rule

If an event has multiple winners, the stake amount is divided accordingly. For two winners, the stake is halved. For three or more winners, bets are settled at odds of 1. This rule does not apply to “To be higher”/ “Match-up” markets.

Starting Price (SP)

SP refers to odds at the start of a race, averaged from the odds offered before the race begins. If a competitor withdraws before the start and no new SP market forms, all bets on this competitor are void (settled at odds of 1.00).

Regional Championships

Bets on regional championships (e.g., football, futsal, hockey) are settled within 10 days of the official results publication. If a team does not show up, all bets are settled at odds of 1, with the non-participant forfeiting the game.

Accepted Abbreviations for Events

CKCorner kicks
PTPenalty time
YCYellow cards
YRCCards (yellow and red)
SOTShots on target
SOGShots on goal
EBExtra bets
FTScored free throws
2PScored 2-point field goals
3PScored 3-point field goals
DFDouble faults
PCHitting a post or crossbar
BSBlocked shots
WFWinning face-off

Bonus conditions

Before you can withdraw your  bonus, you must meet certain wagering requirements. Each bonus type has its own specific conditions.


Wager the bonus amount 35 times within 7 days.

  • The maximum bet size is 650 KES.
  • Bets placed on 1xGames count double. For example, a 500 KES bet is counted as 1,000 KES.

Sports Betting Bonus

Wager half of the bonus amount 5 times on accumulator bets.

  • Each accumulator bet must include at least 3 events with odds of 1.40 or higher.
  • The remaining half of the bonus must be used on 1xGames and wagered 30 times.
  • Both the sports and 1xGames bonuses must be utilized within 30 days.

Bet Slip Sale

The Company offers a “Bet Slip Sale” feature. If a customer does not want to wait for their bet to be settled, they can sell the bet slip back to the Company either partially or fully, receiving money in their account immediately. This service is available under “My Account – Bet History” or in the “My Bets” tab on the bet slip.

Bet Slip Sale Options

Customers can choose between a full or partial sale in the bet slip sale dialog window. They can select the portion of their stake to return to their gaming account. The remaining stake will stay on the bet slip and will be considered when the bet is settled. The amounts are confirmed by pressing the “Sell” button.

Sale Amounts

The minimum and maximum amounts that can be returned to the customer’s account are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on the specific bet placed. In some cases, the customer can only sell the bet slip in full. In others, they might be able to sell the bet slip in parts, through several transactions, within the stake amount.

Changing Sale Offers

The longer a customer stays on the bet slip sale dialog window, the more likely the offered sale amount will change. Changes in the event’s situation can also affect the sale price of the bet slip.

Applicable Bet Types

Bet slip sale is possible for single bets, accumulator bets, and system bets.


The app is equipped with state-of-the-art security features to ensure the utmost protection of your sensitive information. Utilizing HTTPS and SSL encryption protocols, the app safeguards your data against potential hacking attempts. These encryption methods create a secure channel for data transmission, making it extremely difficult for unauthorized parties to intercept or access your personal information.

Your account is continuously monitored around the clock. This 24/7 surveillance is designed to detect any suspicious or fraudulent activity promptly. The 1xbet global app employs advanced algorithms and security protocols to identify unusual patterns and potential threats. If any irregularities are detected, immediate action is taken to protect your account and prevent unauthorized access.


A bet slip sale is not possible if:

  • The bet has been settled.
  • One or more outcomes on the bet slip are blocked.
  • The bet slip contains outcomes that cannot be sold.
  • The bet slip has already been sold.
  • The price offered for the bet slip has changed (the customer must choose new amounts in the bet slip sale dialog window).

Additionally, the Company may block a bet slip sale at its discretion.

Technical and Service Limitations

The Company is not liable if the service is unavailable due to technical failures. The Company reserves the right to suspend the service at any time for any betting event without providing a reason. Bet slip sale transactions can be canceled if technical problems are detected at any stage. In such cases, bets are settled normally based on the event outcome.

No Guarantees

The Company does not guarantee that any bet placed on the website can be sold. The customer can only determine if a bet can be sold after it has been accepted. The sale price offered by the Company is non-negotiable. The customer may either accept the terms of the sale or refuse to sell the bet slip at the specified price.

Auto Sell Function

An “Auto Sell” function is available, allowing the customer to specify the amount they would like to sell the bet slip for. The bet slip sale price will adjust continuously according to the odds, and the bet slip will be sold automatically when the price reaches the desired amount.

Before automatic sale, the customer can manually sell the bet slip in whole or in part, which will deactivate the “Auto Sell” function. The “Auto Sell” terms fully correspond with the “Bet Slip Sale” rules and restrictions.

3.2. Bet Slip Editing

The bet slip editing function is available for single and accumulator bets during pre-match and live periods while bet slip sale is available.

Bet Slip Editing Options

  • Customers can replace, add, or delete bets from an accumulator. Multiple bets can be adjusted, but the stake amount cannot be changed.

Replacing a Bet

  • When replacing one or more bets in an accumulator, a commission equal to that of a full bet slip sale will be deducted.
  • A bet can only be replaced with another bet from the same market. For example, if the initial bet was on W1, it can only be changed to X (Draw) or W2. Customers should ensure the replacement bet is still available when making the change.

Deleting a Bet

  • One or more bets can be deleted from an accumulator.
  • A commission equal to that of a full bet slip sale will be deducted for each deletion.

Adding a Bet

  • One or more bets can be added to a bet slip.
  • No commission is charged for adding bets.
  • Adding bets does not change the initial odds of the selected bets.
  • If the bet slip type changes, a commission equal to that of a full bet slip sale will be deducted, which will change the initial odds (except when changing from a single to an accumulator).

Confirmation of Changes

  • Any changes to a bet slip must be confirmed by pressing “Save changes.”


  • Bet slip editing is not permitted if a bet has been partially sold.
  • Bet slip editing is also not allowed if the bet slip is entered into bonus offers or promotions
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